My expertise

  • CEO of leading outsourcing company that has helped over 2000 companies successfully outsource since 2007
  • Worked with companies from over 30 countries
  • Worked with Multinational corporations and start ups
  • Witnessed how 30,000+ companies outsource
  • Successfully outsourced work in over 60 professional domains, e.g; software development, accounts & finance, engineering, digital marketing, mobile app development, web & graphics design, law, virtual assistance, HR, animation and much more

I know the mistakes clients make, the ways to avoid these common pitfalls and what you should be doing to ensure you are outsourcing diligently.

My Story

My name is Shaunvir Mahil and I am the CEO and co-founder of is a leading outsourcing company, based in India, for small to medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2007, the company has now grown to a strength of over 800 staff working from 7 global offices in a wide diversity of domains. Over the years, we have outsourced work in most major professional disciplines.

During that time, I have seen first-hand how more than 30,000 companies have approached outsourcing and have also, unfortunately, witnessed clients make the same mistakes over and over again. Clients not only have a lot of misunderstandings about outsourcing but also, more often than not, approach outsourcing arbitrarily. When outsourcing then fails, the fault is often attributed to a lack of “overseas talent.” What is not, however, highlighted is the mistakes clients made during the vetting process.

Naturally, I have found this very frustrating for two reasons. Firstly, these poor experiences could easily have been avoided if clients had a more accurate understanding of outsourcing and a proven methodology to follow. Secondly, the unspoken truth is that outsourcing, more often than not, fails not due to unqualified overseas talent, but due to a lack of diligence on the part of the client. Outsourcing overseas has thus unfairly been attributed a reputation of a “hit or miss” affair. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that, if implemented correctly, outsourcing is by far a less risky endeavour than completing assignments locally.

When clients do attempt to sincerely “fill their knowledge gaps” they are more often than not forced to resort to the advice of other clients, who share what they have learnt via their own trials and errors. The problem with this kind of ‘knowledge sharing’ is that whilst clients do have valuable insights, they are not true experts of the field and so cannot provide a truly deep and granular explanation of how to outsource. Equally, the knowledge shared by few CEOs of outsourcing companies is, unfortunately, not only often not impartial but also encompasses no theoretical analysis.

Outsourcing Adviser resolves these problems, not only by providing highly comprehensive and actionable advice but also impartial advice. I appreciate that impartiality is no mean feat, but I can only ask that you judge the quality of my content before coming to a conclusion (I acknowledge that impartiality may be, philosophically speaking, impossible given my position, but it is, nonetheless, a value I shall earnestly strive for).

Outsourcing can have a huge impact on your business, but like any business process it needs to be done right. In this blog I will share with you all my expertise and knowledge to ensure you outsource right the first time, increase your profits significantly and optimize your business operations.